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The human team that makes up the Flick Group's mission is the total satisfaction of our clients, throughout the entire process of our relationship with them, through a very careful individual treatment.

Proactivity, fluid communication between our companies, efficiency in the management of our resources, our solid structure and our commitment to sustained growth are the pillars on which our business group is based. 

We participate in the life of the cities in which we operate by supporting various socio-cultural and sporting initiatives. The protection of the environment and the search for solutions for the conservation of nature are the intention of many of our actions.

El cliente es nuestro motor y nuestra vocación, su satisfacción y su confianza son nuestra verdadera fuerza.

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Grupo Flick's history

During the 30's, 40's and 50's, Mr. Harald Flick, founder of our group of companies, consolidated his business as a shipping agent and stevedore and imported the first Mercedes-Benz vehicles, while maintaining his activity as Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Las Palmas, property management and insurance agency. 

During the 70's the first companies of the group started to become a reality: Corb Canarias, Flick Canarias and Dragón Canarias.  And from the 80's and during the 90's, the Flick family promoted the expansion of the group to other islands and the mainland, as well as the creation of new companies in the automotive sector. 

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With the turn of the century, the Group has been adapting to the evolution of the markets and activities in which it is present, focusing its activity on various sectors within distribution in the Canary Islands in which it has traditionally been present: the distribution of automotive and motorbike brands, the distribution of paints and workshop equipment, the wholesale distribution of food and beverages and the real estate sector.